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Houses Malaga

Rural accommodation in Malaga - La Huerta

All rooms of the houses follow the same aesthetic, both in construction and decoration to give a greater affinity to the set.
To comply with the rustic atmosphere of our lodgings in Malaga which has characterized the estate for years, have been built rooms with high ceilings and most subjects with loft old wooden beams, thick walls, which avoided the excessive cold in winter seasons and the passage of heat inside the house in summer and let them see the big stones with which these buildings were old. Wood windows, which like those that had the main house, maintaining the typical top-lights or shutters to keep the clarity if required to do together with their grid embedded in the window itself.

The orientation of the lodgings, makes each of the rooms are well lit and they all have a window to the outside, through which you can see wonderful views of the farm, the mountains or the pwn farm, depending on your situation, which will help us get a feeling of total relaxation.

All rooms of our lodgings have double rooms and 2 single beds or double beds, giving a choice of extra beds in some if necessary. Like the rest of the units of houses, the rooms are the same as the old but still offering the quality and comfort today for it have a wardrobe wit shoe cupboard, night table, rack and bedding as necessary sheets, blankets and bedspreads.

The bathrooms are complete with dish shower, toilet and marble washbasin with its built-in mirror, in addition to bath towels and toilet needed.

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