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Houses Malaga

Rural Houses Rental in Malaga - La Huerta

Houses in Malaga, La Huerta, a fully restored cottage near the capital of Malaga, which consists of 7 independent cottages, which retain the original architecture and charm of its first building, offering all the comforts of today. These rural houses rental can accommodate from a minimum of 2 up to 54 throughout the complex.

This is a charming cottages that have been named as the utility had their facilities for years. The houses are:

· La Cochera (The Garage): This house was where they kept the tractor and machinery with which they worked the land. Up to 8 people.
· La Cuadra (The stable): Here was where the mules were being made with the farm work of the farm. Up to 6 people.
· The Pajar, which was formerly kept the straw to feed the animals on the farm, next to the stable where these were. Up to 6 people.
· The Yegüeriza: The house where he once took the mares and their offspring. Up to 6 people.
· El Granero (The Barn): This was the facility where the grain was kept to feed the mules, mares and cows on the farm. Up to 6 people.
· La Casa Grande (The Big House): This was the house where the owners lived with his family and some of the workers. Up to 14 people.
· The Tinao: This is the house where the cows, both giving the milk and to be used for field work. Up to 8 people.

Each of these charming rural houses rental in Malaga are in it with dinning room-kitchen equipped with all kinds of kitchenware and appliances, Fireplace, Bathroom, Comfortable Rooms and LCD TV. Abroad have a fully equipped independent Porch with wooden furniture and own Barbecue.

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